All Muskers Pack

4 Packs of 20 units of marking devices for climbing routes. All existing colors: Orange, green, pink and yellow.

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Set of 4 packs of Muskers that bring together the 4 existing colors (yellow, orange, pink and green). It consists of a pack that contains the 4 Muskers colors for a special price. This is an ideal pack for climbing centers, or collective markets where there is a large number of users, or why not for 4 friends who decide to make a joint purchase.

Having the different colors allows us to create games and dynamics based on colors, group games, games with children, or even small competitions between friends in which each component designs the route in a specific color and then all users @s are testing the steps designed by their compañer@s.

Material : Silicone devices with a neodymium magnet (Φ10x5mm N52 /Ni Coating) inserted in the base.

Musker weight: 7 gr.
Weight 1 Box: 200 gr.
Total weight: 800 gr.

Musker Measurements: 13 x 80mm
Measurements 1 Box: ø100 x 90mm


Periodically check the union of the magnet to the marker.

Use the marking only for its intended use.

Muskers are not toys.

It is recommended that children only use the Muskers under the supervision of an adult.

Do not put it in your mouth under any circumstances.

Magnets are dangerous if swallowed.

Use the signaling markers only on artificial climbing structures and dams certified under the UNE EN 12572 standards.

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