Muskers APP

Muskers Climbing App is a free application that allows any climber to become a route setter and design, upload and download climbing routes at their usual climbing or bouldering center.

With Muskers Climbing App you can:

With Muskers Climbing App you will be able to archive in a simple and intuitive way all those “steps” that seem interesting to you, so that other users of the same gym can download them and enjoy them in their workouts. The uploaded routes can be classified according to their difficulty, style, length, etc. In this way, each user will be able to enjoy the route that best suits them at all times.


With Muskers Climbing App you can also share routes, send challenges, have favorite routes, mark your projects, your completed routes, etc… You can also search for climbing centers and venues wherever you are using the search engine by geographical proximity, and once on the site , you can directly download and climb routes designed by the usual climbers of said gym.

Muskers® and Muskers Climbing App offers a simple and attractive way to create fun games for the little ones and/or for people who are just starting out in climbing. And for more advanced climbers, it is a simple and quick way to make climbing sessions and training profitable. For monitors and trainers, it is a way to plan and optimize training for their athletes. It even has its application in the field of health, since it helps physiotherapists to detect and file painful positions of their patients and see the evolution of their treatments over time.


In addition, with the Muskers® we will be able to create a multitude of games and training dynamics that will open up a new world of possibilities. We will avoid having to stop in the middle of a route because our memory fails us or because we do not have anyone to tell us what prey we should grab. The fact that the Muskers® are personal removable devices allows each user to mark and unmark their own routes, also avoiding having to mark the steps with the cumbersome colored adhesive tape that dirty the panels.

The combination of Muskers Climbing App with the Muskers® generates and enhances socialization in climbing environments, since due to its interpersonal nature it strengthens community ties and generates more active participation among the people who make up a community around climbing centers/gyms. indoor climbing.

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