Muskers APP

Muskers Climbing App allows each climber to be a route setter and design, upload and download climbing routes to/from the normal climbing or boulder centre.

The best tool for each climber originates from combining Muskers® and the Muskers Climbing App, so that each climber can become route setters, and we can design, upload and/or download indoor climbing routes to/from our usual gymnasium or boulder panel. With Muskers Climbing App you can simply and user-friendly file all those “steps” you consider interesting, so that other users from the same gymnasium can download them and enjoy them in their training sessions. By using this App each gymnasium can have a file of routes created by its own users throughout time.


Uploaded routes can be catalogued according to their difficulty, style, length, etc… This way each user can enjoy the most convenient route at any time.

With Muskers Climbing App you can also share routes, send challenges, have favourite routes, mark your projects, the routes you have followed, etc… You can also search for climbing centres wherever you are using the browser for geographical closeness, and once at the site, you can directly download and climb routes designed by the usual climbers of the mentioned gymnasium.

Muskers® and Muskers Climbing App provide a simple and attractive way of creating enjoyable games for young ones and/or for persons who are starting out as climbers. And for more advanced climbers, it is a simple and rapid way of profiting from climbing sessions and training. For trainers, it is useful for planning and optimising the training sessions of their sports people. It can also be used in the health field because physiotherapists can use it to detect and file painful positions of their patients and see their evolution during the time of their treatment.


In addition with Muskers® we can create many games and training dynamics that will open up for us a world of possibilities. We avoid having to sop halfway through a route because we do not remember or there is nobody to tell us which hold, we should use. The fact is that Muskers® are reusable personal devices, helping each user to mark and unmark their own routes, also avoiding having to mark their steps with bothersome sticky tape of colours that can make panels dirty.
Each user becomes a route setter despite their age, physical capacity, etc… This way creating a series of routes adequate for all types of profiles.

We can say that the combination of Muskers Climbing App with Muskers® generates and promotes socialisation around climbing environments because of its interpersonal character that strengthens community bonds and generates more active participation among persons forming a community environment in indoor climbing gymnasiums/centres.

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With Muskers Climbing App we can:

  • Register a climbing centre or gymnasium.
  • Locate all the climbing centres registered in the Muskers Climbing App.
  • See all the routes existing in the climbing centre we choose.
  • Download and mark (with Muskers®) climbing routes using filters for difficulty, style, length…
  • Design, mark (with Muskers®), photograph and upload climbing routes to Muskers Climbing App so that other climbers can see them and try them.
  • Share climbing routes through WhatsApp or other applications.
  • Comment and evaluate filed routes.
  • Mark routes in a project, routes followed, favourite routes…
  • Create a list of favourite gymnasiums.
  • Insert complementary comments about holds that form the route.
  • Edit and modify the routes you have filed as a user.
  • Eliminate routes when we consider it necessary.
  • Send routes to friends so they can try the steps you have designed.

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