About Muskers

Muskers are simple devices (removable) that help us to indicate boulder routes we design for our indoor training. Muskers stay adhered to the holds we include in the route we have designed using powerful magnets.

Easier, quicker, more efficient and above all more fun. Muskers allow us, as we can say “pull it off at first try”. These small devices made form soft and flexible silicone in different colours, allow us to design and mark climbing problems that we can repeat as much as we want without the typical memory problems, they also allow us to share routes with other climbers, without having to indicate one by one the holds to use.

Muskers are a practical personal removable system that allows us to mark routes on indoor boulders. They are pieces of silicone that on their lower end have an integrated powerful neodymium magnet shaped like a tablet that allows adhering the piece to the screw joining the climbing hold to the panel. These screws are standard in the entire world, therefore Muskers can be used on any panel anywhere in the world.

Muskers come in enjoyable sets of 20 units. These sets have a metal base to facilitate storage of the Muskers adhered to the base of their case. Muskers can be chose from 4 different colours. Obviously, they are bright colours for perfect visualisation on a panel full of holds.

Thanks to the smooth, flexible but resistant silicone, we can place Muskers on any type of hold without hardly noticing the device under our hand. The flexible part of the device makes it adaptable to the shape of the hold and the powerful magnet sticks it to the hold so that it does not come loose not even with dynamic movements even if we apply much pressure on the Musker.