APP - Muskers

Download Muskers APP

Become a route setter and design, upload and download climbing routes to/from the normal climbing or boulder centre.

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Insights - Muskers

Climbing material

Like the majority of physical activities, climbing also requires specific material to practise it. There are different climbing modes and each one has its own peculiarities regarding materials.

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About - Muskers

What about Muskers?

Muskers are simple devices (removable) that help us to indicate boulder routes we design for our indoor training. Muskers stay adhered to the holds we include in the route we have designed using powerful magnets.

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Guide - Muskers

Tricks & Games

The possibilities of the Muskers are all those we can imagine. Form hard dynamic training to simple beginners’ games or for children. Here we suggest some games that will make our training much easier and enjoyable.

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